Our first ever newsletter…!

Our first ever newsletter…!

It’s been some time in the planning and I won’t deny that our first ever newsletter has been rewritten 3 times, just to keep up with changes at Dozy Dog as well as changes in the world as we know it. So, without further ado… and before we are no longer in British Springtime, we are delighted to introduce the first ever edition of our new quarterly newsletter!

Why should I read it?

We all receive so many emails and newsletters, I know. But this is what you’ll find in ours:

  • News updates
  • Competition giveaways
  • Eco tips (and not always pet related)

However, we always welcome your feedback, so please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in future issues.

Click here to download your copy of our first ever newsletter: The SPRING issue!

And CLICK HERE to download our next SUMMER issue!